Sunday, January 04, 2009

Riding bicycle with Daddy

Justin riding bicycle with Daddy in a park. Look at Justin with his helmet, elbow pads, all equipped to take on the road. It was a wonderful sunny day and Justin really enjoyed it.

Justin 3rd birthday song

A belated happy birthday video post for Justin on his third birthday surrounded by his good baby/toddler friends.

Show me the way

After leaving the beach, Justin was showing us where we parked in the parking lot. He did not want to wear his sandals and just wanted to walk barefoot.

Justin Falling Asleep

Justin was falling asleep in the back of the car. He wanted to play at the same time so he was refusing to fall asleep.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Grown up Justin

Justin riding bike at the Memorial park.

Justin finally able to sit by himself while getting his hair cut. What a good boy.

Justin blocked the stairway with his cars. In the card board box behind him, he put his favourite Mickey Mouse doll in it and covered him with his favourite blanket.


Justin and little buddy Kaitlyn at the swimming pool. Kaitlyn's older brother Aaron was also there, I think his mom was changing Aaron at this time...^^ We were getting ready to go have lunch at Applebee's.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Justin in bike trailer

Mommy has been doing lots of research on finding the right bike trailer for me and finally she has come to a conclusion. It is the Schwinn Turbo Trailer. She also got a Schwinn bicycle so it is easier to hook up the trailer to the bicycle. It was weird going on the road with Mommy but it was definitely a different view than sitting in the car. Mommy said it's a good exercise for her, and it's fun for me to sit in the back enjoying the breeze.

Justin riding on pony

One day the school had brought in a pony for the childrens to ride on. Look at Justin sitting so well on the pony with his cute expression.

Justin's 3rd birthday party in Aug

Justin's third birthday picnic at Rivermark park. Mommy invited Justin's good friends, Ryan, Aaron, Kaitlyn, Vincent and Andrew to join his birthday celebration. The weather was pretty nice with wind. Daddy was flying a Nemo's kite in the park as well. Thank you all for coming to Justin's birthday party. He is definitely a big boy now.

Lake Tahoe Trip in July

We were there for Amei's concert in Lake Tahoe. The weather was really hot but it was worth it to see Amei. Mom had been educating me on who Amei is so when the concert started, I knew right away that she was Amei! We sat through the whole concert and Mom and Dad were both going crazy and dancing and singing. We also went to a local beach and enjoyed the hotel's famous buffet...we literally had to wait for an hour to be seated. But the view was extraordinary.